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    Producer: CARLINdePAOLO

    The innovative packaging of Wine in the Box is now spreading throughout the world.
    Wine in the Box is stored in a bag made of aluminum multilayer, it has a handle on the cardboard box for easy storage and handling.
    One of the main reasons for the success of Wine in the Box is do to shape and capacity, we are able to maintain the freshness of our wine over time by preventing the entry of air, and also preventing oxidation of the contents.
    As you begin to drink it, the sac inside will gradually shrink due to gravity and begin to close on itself until the last drop.
    Other advantages of the Wine in the Box are: the reduction of waste of the product itself because its shape takes little space and its quite suitable for both storage area as well as in your fridge at home or, you can simply put it on, the counter, the packaging is shock-resistant, recyclable and one important fact, its very convenient.
    We have devoted the same attention to our Wine in the Box as we do with all our other wines growned and bottled in our Estate.
    Our Wine in the Box is truly a modern and innovative wine packaging.